Winter short shorts?

What does a good short-shorts-wearing, kawaii (“cute”, well, cutesy might be closer) girl do in winter so as not to freeze her *%$ off?

Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?  🙂


5 comments on “Winter short shorts?”
  1. I think they are called “hot-pants” ^^


  2. ROFL – Oh, Ken, why didn’t I think of that!!!!


  3. That is one thing that I have never understood about fashion in Japan – shorts year round! Love your short but sweet take on the subject 🙂


  4. “”short but sweet” indeed! Oh what PUNE we’re all having lol!


  5. says:

    From my own male perspective, I find these short shorts to be ridiculous and impractical.
    And I love them! lol 😉


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