Tagged! Five Things about me Meme

While we were in Tokyo trying to ignore being ill and enjoy our anniversary (post to come at some point I promise), Nick over at Long Countdown tagged me for my first meme post! As the format was already determined and it doesn’t require my flu-addled brain to think too hard, I thought I’d use it to ease back into blogging after my travel-induced break.


5 Things I Was Doing 10 Years Ago:

  1. Living with Superman in Melbourne, Australia (3 yrs till he’d make me an honest woman lol) 
  2. Producing/directing audio books
  3. Almost to the day, actually, I was madly writing and faxing one pagers for a TV pilot I’d written, to European hotels as a producer followed up interest in it from the Cannes TV Market (we got sooo close, too 😦  )
  4. Applying for post-grad screenwriting course at RMIT 
  5. Hmm 1998… oh! Having a close call with the Andrew Cohen meditation/pseudo-eastern-philosophy cult!


5 Things on My To-Do List Today:

  1. Working towards 50k words for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)
  2. Catching up some blog posts/uploading photos from Takayama and Tokyo trips in the last two weeks.
  3. More knitting of Superman’s sweater (seventh anniversary is wool so I bought him the wool (slash lamb’s wool, slash cashmere thank you very much) in Tokyo and now I’m knitting it)
  4. Put the furniture back that we moved to give access to the workmen to fix the plumbing while we were in Tokyo
  5. Rest up till my fever and bubbling, hacking cough (which gets worse when I lie down, urgh) have gone…  I sense a clash btn  item 5 and items 1-4 😦


5 Snacks I LikeChocolate Ice

  1. Chocolate Ice (seriously THE best chocolate experience, in any form, I’ve ever had)
  2. Maggie Beer’s Pheasant Farm pate (I soo miss this and there is no point ever eating any other lol)
  3. Wasabi Peas!!
  4. Smoked Oysters on water crackers (def a comfort snack of mine – goodness knows why)
  5. Yumi’s Smoked Trout Mousse – amazing mousse from Ripponlea in Melbourne, esp good on boiled bagels from the deli we used to live near in Nth Caulfield in Melbourne – incredible chopped liver and Israeli Eggplant dip, too (great, I hadn’t thought of these for ages and now I’m craving them – thanks Nick! 😛 )


5 Things I Would Do if I Were a Millionaire
Okay – I’m assuming this doesn’t limit us to 1 mil here lol

  1. Invest in the theatre production of my adaptation of The Shadowkeeper which I am aiming to put on before I leave Nagoya (there’s a juicy one, hadn’t announced that yet!)
  2. Bring my Aunt over for a pampered trip around Japan
  3. Travel Europe for a few months (getting there via the Siberian Railway)
  4. Pick somewhere to buy a home (possibly in the States now Obama’s been elected) and buy the home of course
  5. Invest so that Superman and I can live joyful, satisfying lives whatever form that may take


5 Places I’ve Lived (for various lengths of time)

  1. Willow Water Farm, West Chester County, PA 
  2. Capetown, Sth Africa
  3. All over Melbourne, Australia
  4. The Shire, Sydney Australia (WARNING, NEVER, EVER, LIVE THERE!)
  5. Nagoya, Aichi, Japan


5 Jobs I Have Had

  1. Part-time nanny (got me through Uni)
  2. Ghost writer (memoirs of a very odd woman, for “private publication”…)
  3. Audiobook producer/director
  4. Executive producer, audio publishing house (bye bye actual production, hello management politics 😦 ) 
  5. Script-editor


5 People I Tag:

  1. Shane from The Nihon Sun (at either blog)
  2. Liv who Eats her Pigeons
  3. Jason and his Nikon D80 
  4. Deas who Rocks in Hakata (and our newest Juryo at jSoc!! )
  5. Chris at Nihongo Notes with his spanking new visa!!




8 comments on “Tagged! Five Things about me Meme”
  1. Wasabi peas??? 😯
    Thanks for picking up the tag! 😀


  2. Hey! Thanks for tapping me. I’ll get to it pronto. (Also – meant to do it a while ago, but I’ve added you to my blogroll.) I’m afraid I’m nowhere near as interesting as you, but I’ll try! You’ve made me really curious about some of the items on your list. Ha ha. 🙂


  3. lol Deas, you’re welcome and can’t wait to read yours. Funny how we all think everyone else is more interesting than we are because, well, we just live our life so it’s normal 🙂 Of course, some people do think they are endlessly more fascinating than others – it’s usually a sign that they aren’t (or at least that they are worth avoiding like the plague LOL) 😀


  4. I’m tagged! I will do my best. I’ve never tried any of the snacks you named but for some weird reason I’m craving them … who knew you could crave something you’d never had?
    Hope you feel better soon!!


  5. Oops, sorry Liv lol! The Chocolate Ice is a Japanese thing and I highly recommend getting yourself a box if you like chocolate at all! I was under the impression wasabi peas were Japanese (I certainly got them at my asian grocery in Australia) but I haven’t found them here yet 😦 They are great when you have a cold so I need some lol!


  6. I hate being IT! But I’m a good sport and will play 🙂 Normal is all relative I guess as I would have never pegged you for a wasabi pea girl.
    Can’t wait t to read some of the other responses but between you and Nick I think that we may have run the gamut of Japan Bloggers…


  7. Anonymous says:

    […] got meme-tagged by Danielle at Narrative Disorder. So here’s my post. I’m working on some posts to recap a few trips I took – but my […]


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