Introducing the Messrs. Appleby, Woolley and Hacker.

Yes Minister When in discussion about US politics lately, I have often found the situation deserved a reference to a magnificent English TV show called “Yes, Minister” (and later “Yes, Prime Minister”) and I’ve found that many of my American friends have not heard of this wonderful sitcom! I understand why it didn’t make it to the States – it’s about the inner workings of the British political system which is quite different to the US system. Over the last few years, however, with the “close ties” the current administration has developed with the various Departments and the changes in the way US politicians handle the media this election, I think you guys might just enjoy it.
I’m not claiming the US government has started to work exactly like 1980’s Britain, I’ve simply noticed that the US media, including the Daily Show pundits, have found themselves aghast at behaviour that Messrs. Appleby and Hacker would have performed in their sleep! Sir Humphrey would have acclaimed Gonzalez’s performances under questioning as high art. So, for the next month, I will be putting a “Yes, Minister” (or Prime) clip in my sidebar video widget for your enjoyment.

ThatcherThe accuracy of the series’ observations prompted many politicians to be unabashed fans – no matter how it portrayed their own positions! To the left is a picture of keen fan Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher meeting with Nigel Hawthorne (Sir Humphrey Appleby) and Paul Eddington (Hon. Jim Hacker MP/PM)  She does look like she’s giving them a bit of a dressing down!


2 comments on “Introducing the Messrs. Appleby, Woolley and Hacker.”
  1. Oooh! Good clip! Shows how easily we are taken for a ride!
    P.S. The video is in the sidebar on the front page, but not on the article page (yet?).


  2. Hmm yes I have it configured to show on Home page only so as not to be flickering away while people read the longer posts… does make it weird for this post though. Maybe I’ll switch it on and see if anyone complains lol I know my front page is so busy now but the blog IS afterall supposed to be a “personal expression” and it’s nothing compared to what it’s like in my brain these days!!


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