I don’t usually do this but…

Dennis at Dead Things on Sticks (one of my favourite working-writer blogs which often crosses into politics) calls our attention to this wonderful monologue from Craig Ferguson . This blog doesn’t often get political but this is really about media and politics … give it a click – important points made expertly.
Afterwards, head over to read Dennis’ post and watch the other just as serious but less funny video he has embedded… it’s getting ridiculous over there.


One comment on “I don’t usually do this but…”
  1. Nice job, Craig! I just wish at the end there he had reminded the people that the choice isn’t just Obama and McCain. There are third party candidates, too, but they’re not allowed in the debates. Why? Because the rules for the presidential debates are made by Democrats and Republicans. Ron Paul tells it like it is here: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=aquLH7yAdWo


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