Summer update

Anyone who reads this blog from the blog itself rather than via a feed reader will notice a dramatic change in design in the last couple of days. For some time now I’ve been nagged by my WordPress install to upgrade to 2.6(.1) and I finally gave in the other day remembering how much of a nightmare it was when I left  it till I had to update through many, many versions last time. I was definitely right to do so, the update from 2.5 to 2.6.1 was a doddle BUT, of course, my sweet old non-widget ready theme just wasn’t cutting it anymore technically. I was tired of editing code directly to insert a widget or switch something round in my side bar and I had also been wanting a second sidebar for some time. Of course it’s also waaay past Spring now and Cherry Blossoms simply are no longer appropriate!
So, I spent my insomniac night hunting down themes I could play with.  My aim was to find something to reflect that it is Summer in Japan and, for me, that means life at night when it’s cooler and firework-ridden festivals (or nightly in local parks set off by kids, for that matter) so colour on black was the aim and I think I’ve achieved that.  This theme started as Black-Tec and some hours with Photoshop and fiddling with its code has produced what you see here. In contrast to the old, delicately elegant sumie cherry blossom it is incredibly busy and probably a little mind (or at least eye) boggling and may be a little over influenced by my insomniac state at the time. It is hardly unique if you read blogs by photographers – the mosaic is very ‘in’ but they are my own shots so I reckon that’s a fine excuse. I like the way the black background shows off any photos too, and it is fun to try something so different to my usual minimalist style and out of my comfort zone. So, if it boggles the eyes too much let me know and we’ll see how it goes.

Of course it will have to change for autumn…

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