Prettinesses pt 2

Need I say more..?

Also pretty in it’s own way, after much (possibly too much) research and investigation I have purchased my first DSLR, my first real camera since I lost access to the family SLR 17 yrs ago! I swear I was going with Olympus but when I picked up the camera I had chosen (mostly because of the new Zuiko lenses… drool) it was just too darn heavy! SO after some changes to my analysis I am a Pentax girl again!

I know, I know, superzooms aren’t the best thing to go for but all the tests say this one is a beauty of an S-zoom and, as a beginner, I don’t yet know which lenses I wanted to spend money on! I figure with this one I can find out which lengths I use most, whether I need something wider or even longer and have the option for macro, all the while feeling my way with a camera again. And what a place to do it!

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