“Guilty of grievous oratory harm”

Annabel Crabb is one of my favourite journalists. I always hope to see her on the Insiders couch each Sunday for her deep political insights and ability to cut through the dross to the heart of the matter at hand in such a way that even Piers Akerman knows the argument is done (not that it stops him muttering one last remark under his breath like a child pouting in the backseat).

She’s also quite a lot of fun. 

In this important article, Annabel asks:
"Why do our police have to sound like they learnt English from a mobile phone instruction pamphlet?"

If you’re cerebrally inclined (and you’re unlikely to be a friend of mine if you’re not – lets face it I’m either excruciatingly boring or completely baffling to anyone who isn’t) click the link and enjoy!

Guilty of grievous oratory harm – Annabel Crabb – Opinion – smh.com.au

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