Nagoya Slideshow part 3 – quirky stuff

Requisite vending machine shot – yes that’s canned hot coffee in some of those šŸ™‚

Nagoya House Hunt 016


Dotted all over Nagoya are what look like slot machine parlors and are filled to the brim with suit-and-tie salarymen at all hours of the day…

Nagoya House Hunt 014  Nagoya House Hunt 015

Nagoya House Hunt 018 

in fact they are called ‘slots’ on many of the windows…
Nagoya House Hunt 019

But gambling is illegal in Japan, right? Well, yes. But these "pachinko" machines are, essentially, vertical pinball machines and it’s NOT illegal to play them and win extra metal balls for high scores, NEITHER is it illegal to trade said balls in for prizes NOR is it illegal to take said prizes to various, totally independent, stores around Nagoya which buy them from you – for cash. Apparently it is also not illegal to perpetuate ear-destroying noise in these places – seriously don’t go in if you value your hearing!


We spent a good part of our time in electronics stores checking out solutions for bringing our computers and peripherals to the different voltage of Japan. These cord ties for keeping your under-desk spaghetti neat demonstrate the attention to detail as well as the love affair with customization in Japan. Gone will be our rubbish bin ties for colour coordinated, padded ties…

Nagoya House Hunt 029

And if that’s too boring for us well, there’s always these cuties…

Nagoya House Hunt 030


And speaking of attention to detail and cute, I bought some aspirin for the trip home and got a fix for my tins and boxes addiction…

Nagoya House Hunt 075 Nagoya House Hunt 076

No longer will I endure the indignity of having a loose slide of aspirin floating around in my bag hehe. I think I’m going to fit in juuust fine! 

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