Nagoya Slideshow part 1

So, we landed in Sydney at about 8 am local to find ourselves shivering in a 9 degree morning! It was somewhat of a relief though, since planes are always a little stuffy and the Hong Kong airport responds to the 28 degree evenings by having the air con at about 26 degrees (I’m told this is a practice in Japan, too, to avoid chest colds due to extreme temp changes) so it was nice to feel actual cold for the first time in a week. Of course we are prepared for Nagoya to be hotter and wetter after we return as the typhoon season will be hot on our heels!!

I promised pictures of our new digs when we returned but I haven’t yet worked out how to download and edit video from our camera (and I have a feeling my film was frankly dreadful beyond editing) so there will be some more wait on that note. I have, however, managed to download the stills we took so here begins the slide show. I should note though, we were so focused on getting our arrangements made that there wasn’t much tourist time, we have more pictures of furniture we might want to lease than great tourist shots, so call these a down payment on more interesting stuff when we have more time there. 


Nagoya Midland Circle – This is the view from our hotel right on top of Nagoya Station. Had to take this shot as I’d been looking at the similar one that Mike McKinlay took for ages as the first real view of Nagoya that I found.

Nagoya House Hunt 006


View of Nagoya from our hotel room – there is a definite haze over the city which is called fog or mist but looks pollution-esque to us. Nevertheless the air is clean and fresh though quite damp at this time of year so perhaps it is moisture.

Nagoya House Hunt 002

Zooming in on the same view – Nagoya Castle is beautiful in the afternoon light.

Nagoya House Hunt 077

And further in the golden dolphin on the peaks of the roof just visible. Believe it or not, the city you see stretching beyond the castle with it’s multi storey buildings for miles are considered Nagoya’s suburbia – we found it kind of hard to tell when the city ended and suburbia began.

Nagoya House Hunt 079


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