On our way!

Well, poor Brigie went off to the cattery this afternoon, the suitcase is as packed as it can be before the pre-departure showers, any liquids or gels required on board have been replaced by solid versions or decanted down to under 100ml and I very cleverly didn’t get much sleep last night so I might just be able to sleep tonight – at least until 4:30 am when we have to get up. Not that I’m complaining about the hour – if we were going economy we’d have to BE at the airport then! Cheers once again to anonymous-auto-manufacturing-concern for looking after us so well.
My self-made phrase book is fat with counters and particles and I think we are ready to face the Japanese speaking world – for a week anyway. Our relocation consultant Abigail has sent us our schedule – we land Sunday night and then have Monday to ourselves to explore a little, Tuesday we will view some properties and apparently choose one because on Wednesday we will return to the chosen property and work out our furniture rental needs. On Thursday we will be test driving cars (btw we have been driving the Prius for the last few weeks and I will be posting a review soon – it took some getting used to but if the Harrier proves too large on Thursday I’ll be pushing for a Prius instead.) Friday Superman will be in meeting the new coworkers so I will be out on my own – I’m thinking Shinkansen to Kyoto for the day – unoriginal I know but there’s a reason it’s first stop on the cultural map (also it’s nice and close.)

Watch this space for pics and vids of the new digs though I can’t promise it will be during this week as we aren’t sure whether the connections at the hotel will be upload-friendly. We’re on the overnight flight Saturday 24th and back early Sunday.


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