Windows Live Writer

Autumn Island
Proud clutterbug that I am I am nevertheless spending today trying to get my digital world in check. I can handle cluttered physical spaces because my memory is physical (I know I reached over here when I put that down…) but I’m really having trouble with email at the moment. Which address to use when signing up to a forum or buying software (thus opening that address up to spam possibilities) and which to use as personal email or for reciepts via email…? Sigh. While doing this, or probably more truthfully while procrastination from the sheer mind-boggliness of the task, I decided I was tired of dreary old Thunderbird and before I went the whole hog on Incredimail I thought I’d see if Microsoft’s next generation of Outlook Express (a program I always thoroughly abhored) was actually any good. When downloading WLM I was offered the chance to install Windows Live Writer – a desktop blogging tool which is apparently compatible with wordpress.

So this is essentially a test post to see if it posts at all and how it connects tot he wordpress dashboard. Certainly the layout of text and images is good but there seems to be no upload media option as from the WP dashboard (if flawed.) It looks as though if the picture above is to show I will have to use filezilla if I want it hosted on my server. It is possible that I could get myself a Skydrive account, another MS/windowslive project which appears to give everyone 5gig of password protected space. Whether you can use Skydrive to host images I have not yet investigated but I would prefer to host my images on my own site along with my other wordpress files.

Time to press publish and see what we get.

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