OK, how’d I miss these? … ???

Tobey Maguire as Rick in Robotech live action?
After you’ve got your head around THAT try this on for size:

Leonardo Di Caprio as Akira in that live action…

Hmmmm …why Americanise these stories? I know Hollywood is terrified of creating new stories itself and latches on to anything that is popular but surely the popularity of Japanese culture shows that the audience is mature and intelligent enough to watch Japanese actors in Japanese settings?

Sigh, of course the poor actors are producing these just so they can get work up they might possibly be a little proud of instead of what the studios offer them – guess we can’t blame them.

Akira will be interesting though – it is one of those “traditional” japanese anime stories which twists and turns and hints at depth by confusing the audience but in the end one suspects, as with Neon Genesis, the depth actually isn’t there and, further, the story is severely lacking – at least in translation anyway. We’ll have to see in 2009 when these films come out and we are finally able to watch the original anime in Japanese. ^_^

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