A Change in Focus

You will have noticed in the entry below that I have been researching for “The War of Wind and Moon” lately. At first, I was researching for the reason anyone writing a book set in the real-world (even if it does have fantasy elements) should research: it was important to me that any rituals, spiritual practices or beliefs to which I refer would be based on real-world examples and that I would be able to have as sympathetic an understanding (and representation) of them (and therefor my characters) as possible. Mostly, I’ve been researching on the net (particularly for the guru behaviour stuff) and by pulling out the odd book from our still unsorted bookshelves. In my blog entry about finding my premise I noted that I may have spent my life preparing to write this book but I didn’t realise how much of the meagre wages I have variously earned have been spent on it! In fact, at closer inspection, the majority of the books which I have contributed to our shelves seem to illuminate some area of philosophy or history of religions. The “war of wind and moon” is not just the title and premise of my novel but it has been a driving force in my life (“I could have told you that!” was my Aunt’s reaction to that particular observation lol). In short: I LOVE THIS STUFF!!So, I’ve decided to combine my research of this novel with something vaguely, potentially vocational (hehe) … I’ve enrolled in a full time load of Religion Studies units through Open University starting in August for 13 weeks (the books just arrived and felt immediately at home with their siblings.) If I find my brain has not completely deteriorated due to the last few years’ virtual solitude and the years of consuming literature of questionable quality (both my own and that from which I produced the hundreds of audio books) I will most likely apply to do a Masters in Religion Studies next year. The beauty of Religion Studies is that it touches on philosophy, ancient history, anthropology and sociology so I will be returning to the studies which were my first loves with a little more focus and definitely more life experience than when my first attempts at post-grad academia were laid low by illness over a decade ago.

I am by no means giving up writing fiction – I’m not sure I could if I tried – and this novel will continue to be a focus, but it won’t be the sole occupation of my waking brain. Frankly, the lesser pressure and the increased intellectual stimulation will probably improve it dramatically.

So, fair warning: this blog is likely to get ‘deep’ on occasion in the future LOL oh… and neglected, too, but you’re used to that 😉

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