Technical Bitch

Aaahhhh sweet, succulent, sparkling DSL… soooooo good šŸ™‚
Now the bitch: At last, after 5 months of phone calls to Optus, Telstra, the TIO, the ACCC – round and round – trying to get Telstra to stop their anti-competitive behaviour and repair our pair gain telephone line without extorting us to sign up with them instead of Optus, we finally have DSL – unfortunately not because we succeeded in the above goal.

I did, in the end bow to pressure and make a DSL request with Big Pond knowing that I would need to sign up to their extortionate prices for the minimum contract you can get then switch to the ISP of choice after that when they, magically, find the line can be fixed (this is actually what Optus and other ISPs tell you is the only option – that’s how frustrated they are.) Well.. whaddya know? 4 DAYS later our line was suddenly DSL enabled. YES PAIR GAIN REMOVED. Like magic!!
And that’s when KARMA kicked in – oh yes. Sooo sweeet lol. Telstra did not contact us to tell us that the line was ready- nor, it seemed did their crack staff get around to trying to put the codes on the newly fixed lines for another 10 days – at which point they called me, slightly miffed, and said – there are Optus codes on your lines they will need to be removed. I enquired as to whether they had fixed the pair gain and so could guarantee we’d get DSL. Lucky for me the CSO I was talking to didn’t know her stuff and said that with the codes on the line they couldn’t even begin to check. Thus, further exasperated, I told her to just cancel the order – fairly relieved not to be involved with BigPond the extortionists at all.

I now know that the following happened: on the 9th of July (4 days after the BigPond order) our line was fixed. While the traditional Telstra customer service philosophy was invoked, the Optus customer service kicked in: they were watching our lines (no doubt hoping to get this annoying complainant off their backs was also part of it lol) and they saw the fix and popped their codes on. Thus, when Telstra got around to it – they were stopped from claiming another victim of their anti-competitive practices. GRIN

Sure, Optus then didn’t let us know all was ready to go and I didn’t find out till I got a bill for what I thought was a service I wasn’t receiving (you can imagine how well that went down lol) but it all worked out in the end thanks to an excellent CSO named, apparently, Robin, who actually followed through and is now my favourite person at Optus (and, yes, I made sure she got her commendation).

Anyway, the ACCC has added our case to the many, many cases like this that are still being reported since the report on exactly this matter earlier this year (I mean the balls on this company!) So, we’ll see …
Meanwhile – ever wondered how your cursor arrow works? Visit the site below for an interactive revelation!

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