Settling in in Sydney

Okay so it’s taken me a while and it’s been a little hard but I think I’m finally settling in. Having to go back and forth for the first month didn’t help but the thing which has at last cracked it is finding a decent (in fact better than decent) butcher and green grocer. Seriously it was that hard – oh there are plenty of butchers and greengrocers but not one butcher (till Stapleton’s) could tell me where their meat came from (most didn’t even understand the question) and all but this one green grocer I’ve found stock the very same fruit and veg as the supermarkets! That may seem silly to a lot of people but seriously in Melbourne particularly central Melbourne where you could go to any of the 3 large, producer run markets at any time – green grocers just can’t get away with that. The best thing about both these shops is that they are on a good old fashioned shopping strip where you can shop in sunlight. It seems to be the only street shopping strip in the Shire and is hidden away where only the locals know it. Sydney is INSANE for ‘plaza’s and malls. EVERYTHING seems to need to be inside a building with shop-back windows ugly-fying the streets for pedestrians and with poorly signed and virtually hidden entrances to carparks. Often these plazas have 5 shops in them – it’s really odd.
Anyway, now that I am no longer anemic and have some actual vitamins from actual ripened f&v coursing through my body and, more importantly, my brain, I am feeling far more human. Caringbah is not quite the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Albert Park lake (ah… the art of understatement) but the 3 minute drive to the beach and the one and a half hour drive to Kiama make up for it (let’s face it 95% of our entertainment happens on some form of monitor! lol) Cronulla Cinema is lovely (though it is semi-indie and doesn’t get everything – Hot Fuzz an example I felt particularly strange but *shrug) and there is a cafe in the mall called Cafe Tuscia that makes wonderful, strong, Vittoria coffee – who needs more? ^_^

The best thing? I’m writing again. Not only that but I’m interested IN writing again. So no more pure diary blog …

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