Block Schmock :)

A quick note as the dishwasher prevents my shower and I’ve finished taking measurements of every piece of furniture we have and gathering together every possible thing I could need with 5 days in Sydney ahead of me … to find somewhere to live. Yes, Superman has been offered a position in Sydney and we have taken it like the trollops we are – lol. Actually it’s wonderful for his career – looks to be a really satisfying project and the whole relocation thing is quite exciting. I will miss everyone here and we are really disappointed to be leaving this fabulous apartment in this fabulous location so quickly 😦 but we are looking to live fairly close to Cronulla beach so that should be a whole new experience in itself REAL beach – none of these wimpy Bayside ‘waves’ tee hee. What’s more, this 37th move of my life (yes, I’ve been counting since I was 9) looks to be the least hassle as Superman’s new company is handling everything for us – and I mean EVERYTHING. A lovely young lady arrived at my door last week and actually used the phrase “won’t have to lift a finger” lol. House goods, car even the cat all a piece of cake for them so… touch wood …
The writing is going great guns, hence the lack of blogging 🙂 Well into Chapter 4 (yes, 4!!) and I have discovered an application called Page Four which is made specifically for prose writers and which I am loving. I found it linked on the “scriviner” site when, all excitement, I went to trial that application – only to find it wasn’t available to users of the MAJORITY O.S!! I mean, come on people, I know that in the future everyone will THINK we all used Macs because of the genius product placement in every TV and Film production of the past15 years, but seriously… *grrr However I don’t actually need the extra whiz bang research abilities of scriviner for this adaptation so I’m actually happy-as-larry (hmm since the only Larry I’m familiar with is he of Curb Your Enthusiasm I think we need a new phrase) with Page Four.

Anyway must go – heaps to do before I head for the plane…

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