Teaching myself to suck eggs… lol

I have discovered that NOT TURNING ON THE COMPUTER CONNECTED TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD AT ALL during the day helps me to write!! Huge discovery I know lol but there it is.Of course this doesn’t mean the computer doesn’t go on to check mail and then play Warcraft – all hail Burning Crusade! – after Superman gets home but part of the ‘keeping the marriage working” thing is the “do not write while he is home” cause, lets face it, I’m NOT HERE when I’m writing LOL.

Chapter One of Shadowkeeper is as done as it’s going to be before I move on to Chapter Two and I’m pretty happy with it. The beginning and the end will change before the draft is finished but the beginning in that way that beginnings are never quite finished till the whole thing is finished and the end because the whole chapter thing is not natural for me and I suspect the first scene of what is currently Chapter Two may need to be the last of Chapter One – OR actually the beginning LOL. Swapping openings and conclusions was something I discovered at Uni – invariably (to the point that it became a formula for me) I found that I had a natural tendency to outline what I was going to say at the top in a little too much detail for an introduction and then precis my points wonderfully succinctly at the end (mostly because, having written then damn thing, I was then clearer on what my points were) so my leave-it-to-the-last-minute strategy became: write it from top to bottom; swap top with bottom; race for bus to the Ming Wing 🙂 The only essays I got less than a Distinction on were the ones where I panicked and lost my self trust and didn’t do this.

Anyway Chapter Two is underway and I very well may not be back till it is done. Unless I block…

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