The Plan…

Ah… 2007 feels better already – some challenges already but optimism all the way… So, 2nd jan and second post since restart – not bad at all. After reading the last post Superman (I married into the Justice League don’cha know) was all support and cheering but asked “What are you going to write, then?” Hehe I missed that, huh? Well the plan for this year is thus: Novelise The Shadowkeeper and at least outline the next in the series (which will deal with Brigid holding on to her belief in and ability to travel to the Shadow-lands and helping others with their own journeys therein.)Why novelise? Well… various producers, agents, editors in Hollywood suggested “having a book published is a great way to attract attention for script” The tone in which these words are spoken always suggests that this would be a simple matter – much simpler than getting a movie greenlit. Now having had some experience in the publishing industry my reaction to this casual line was and still is – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! These people clearly have no idea that it is just as hard to get published as it is to get produced – sure a film costs a lot more to make than publishing a novel – but it’s still just as difficult to be read, get an agent blah blah… What’s more, not every story should be a novel, nor should every story be a film or a comic or whatever… some stories are only appropriate for certain media. HOWEVER Shadowkeeper could translate well as both novel and illustrated story book – both of which I would like to do and as an illustrated book can be based on a novel but mostly because a novel is something I can produce without requiring an artist, the novel is where I will begin (there’s a big kids theatre spectacular in it as well, I believe, but that can wait :) ) I have had a couple of false starts at the novelisation but I now admit to myself that I was really trying to find a way to just reformat then edit the screenplay into the novel in exactly the way I lament people think you can just reformat a novel into a screenplay – not because I disrespect the medium in any way but, frankly I was over the story – I’d had enough. Now, with a little distance and a realisation that there are more stories to tell of this world, I’m ready to dive into it again.
Et voila – I have committed myself! LOL

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