A Pre-New Year Resolution (does that give it more credibility?)

Okay so it’s not exactly a resolution but it kinda smacks of it and since it is this time of year… still maybe I shouldn’t be painting it with the brush of a billion broken plans but I do intend to keep this blog regularly again. Not because I think anyone misses the blog, nor because I have lofty ideas that one day I will ‘make it as a writer’ (though I still hope that my happen one day) nor even because I wanted to get in before the end of the year to be able to declare myself ‘person of the year’ (sigh) but because I want to use the blog as a tool to get myself writing productively again. This year, probably for the first time in my life, I haven’t written anything to speak of. Nothing at all in the past 6 mths and, before that, nothing more than confused scrabblings* of plot and character from all sorts of potential story ideas – the SP that was going so well in my last post the most substantial of these and will be returned to at some point. The friends who read this blog will know why that was the case and I won’t go into it – suffice to say that my personal life came within inches of splattering to the ground from a great height… but in true hollywood style we pulled up at the last minute, landed safely and seem to have rediscovered that enchanted place we once believed we shared only with Christopher Robin and Bear (shamefully personal wedding reference there, sorry.)
So, I now find myself bubbling to write again – a blissful feeling I recognize but which usually leads to several months of unfocused and somewhat obsessive scribblings some of which may shape up into several half-decent, half-finished somethings in my filing cabinet.  Having experienced finishing something twice now (if you can count a pilot and treatment as an end of anything) and finally getting back round to believing in myself after the death-by-praise Hollywood turned out to be AND being lucky enough to have some time at home on my hands (big breath) productivity is my goal. While I was writing Shadowkeeper my main struggle was keeping my thoughts from running on other stories and I found the best way to refocus was to distract myself from fiction entirely for a while, mostly through participation on online writers’ sites. On these sites I could keep working on my craft by writing about writing (the best way to learn is to attempt to teach) and then not only return to my work afresh but also feel some responsibility to practice what I’ve been preaching! I have been thinking about returning to the sites, even popped in to read a few posts, but such sites have their own way of consuming time, mostly because I find it hard to say ‘no’ to people when they ask for personal help … or  to stay silent and not reply to a post that might question my wisdom (tee hee.)  So it occurred that this blog may just be the perfect place to let non-fiction ravings get the juices flowing each day with the minor possibility of some public exposure exerting a slight pressure to aim for some sort of quality (dont’ you just love qualification?) and to report progress in my fiction endeavors. Toward that end, I have renamed and refreshed the site to allow me greater scope (I can’t say something pompous about ‘the craft’ every day!)  Of course you might think blogging might actually be the perfect procrastination device for a writer … and you may be right… let’s see shall we?

*a gerund distinguished from ‘scribblings’ in a way I’m sure others with Compulsive Writing Disorder will understand.

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