Shadowkeeper Progress… or lack thereof.

Well, I promised I’d be honest and report the bad as well as the good so the last few days definitely deserve an entry. Today (being Tuesday) I received the next Nicholl letter and The Shadowkeeper did not make it through to the semifinal round. On Saturday I received word that of the 200+ companies who requested the ScriptPIMP finalists log-lines 37 companies had requested the script – all 37 passed. The strange thing is that, when I look down the list of 37 companies, only a few of them do family films and none of those fantasy or animated ones – add to that that my logline came up in a search on inktip done by a porn production company and I’m starting to think there is a problem with my logline – people are clearly thinking it’s going to be something other than it is… Anyway, it is still with several other companies who do do family and/or animation films and with the Australian Producer who took a concept of mine to Cannes several years ago so there are still plenty of other irons in the fire. Not to mention the Academy’s little ray of hope at the end of their letter: “If past experience means anything, several quarterfinalists will option or sell a script in near future.” Hmm… if Shadowkeeper can be one of 300 in 6,000 can it be one of several in 300? What’s more important is that I have finally found the extra element I needed for the screenplay I’m currently working on – it kind of takes it out of the range of the Australian budget of 1.5m, for which the idea was originally developed, but that’s just not me, anyway. Afterall, if this spec-writer part of my screenwriting career is going to go on and on, I may as well enjoy what I’m writing and this is FUN!!

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