ScriptPIMP notes received!

Well, I received my notes for draft 6 of The Shadowkeeper and it was given a RECOMMEND!!!So the chase for representation and a producer is on!
What does the Recommend mean? Well, it means I can now query the companies who will accept only “ScriptPIMP Recommends” scripts (the big producers and agents)- the script will also be lodged on Ink-tip (another place the industry looks for scripts) in the ScriptPIMP Recommends section.
The notes outlined some polishing suggestions for the script itself: tweaking formatting, the odd description (like removing the word ‘kitten’ I reference to a baby hare which I will do because it’s obviously not common knowledge that it is the correct term.)
So – next steps: make changes and put in the queries to the big companies in time for Friday’s scriptPIMP email.
Thanks for all your emails of support let’s hope we can have that sale party some time this year!

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