#Storycraft Chat

#StoryCraft was the hashtag used for a Twitter chat I began, in April 2010. Each Sunday, US Eastern, writers from all over the world met online to discuss a specific topic concerning the art of crafting fiction – unlike most writing twitter chats, then, we stuck solely to craft matters and did not discuss ‘the biz’ topics such as querying, getting an agent or e-publishing etc.

For the first year or so, I hosted it from Australia but when I moved to Thailand, from August 2011 to January 2013, the timezone proved impossible and I asked chat regular, @KimKoningAuthor if she would take over hosting and she agreed (and our discussions about the chat soon turned into a deep friendship that exists to this day).

When I returned to Australia in January 2013, Kim and I co-hosted for another year or so but, in 2015, after an attempt to make it more interesting for ourselves by turning it into a podcast, we decided that five years was enough for us, and called a halt to it. Nevertheless, I still receive the odd query about the chat and requests for transcripts, and so I place this page on my site, with a link to all the transcripts, for your perusal 😊